• Intro

    My name is Chris. I'm a senior visual effects artist / technical director focused on lighting, compositing and pipeline development.

    In the past 10 years I have worked on animated feature and live action films for companies like Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic and Animal Logic.

    A long time ago

    My career started in a different field, as a mechanical engineer developing robots in my home country Switzerland, far away from any movie production. We used 3d software to build these robots. Soon my interest shifted from creating functional machines to create beautiful looking images to tell stories.

    Many failed attempts later I got the super exciting opportunity to work for a major Hollywood studio. Working with and learning from incredible talented people in various departments such as modelling, technology, FX and found my true passion in lighting and compositing.


    Recently I've been working on lighting pipelines and rendering technologies, developing and documenting techniques and optimisation for shows and challenging sequences/shots as well as training and mentoring artists.

    I'm a passionate photographer and write simple ray tracers for learning purposes.

  • Hanging Rock
Chris February 2, 2019